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Welcome to the next phase of Chicago's exploration of avant garde and underground dance music!

Upcoming Events

  • Obscure 036: Pariah

    Pariah, Bucky Fargo, Adam Vega

  • Obscure 038: Chaos in the CBD

    Chaos in the CBD, Harry Cross, Lowki

About Us

More than a brand image or mere promotions company, Obscure aims to foster a collective appreciation for music, personal development and evolution.

As artists expand their creativity beyond pre-established boundaries they both unite us in experience and welcome us to expand our sensory horizons. As the exploration of music continues, so to does our curiosity for where it may take us next.

Routine and repetition are truly adversarial to enriching the ways in which audiences connect with music. It is our aim to present Chicago’s music connoisseurs with unique DJ performances in the form of small intimate affairs and large scale underground production events. As a the music scene encounters repetition in experience and performance, its progression becomes stagnant.

As both promoters and music enthusiasts, our commitment to seeking both experience and foster new and unique interactions caused us to form a collective that promises to remain a disruption to the status quo by consistently elevating your expectations by bringing a sense of wonder back the presentation of musical performances.

Take a step out of the norm and come into the Obscure.